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How I got into UPenn (Interview 10)


SAT: 1490 (750 Math, 740 Reading)

ACT: 35 (34 English, 35 Math, 35 Reading, 35 Science)

GPA: 3.68

Rank in Class: 76

Size of Class: 319

Ap's taken: AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, American History, World history, European History, Biology


  • I ran track and field in my freshman and sophomore year and became captain of the distance team in my sophomore year.

  • I was on my schools band from my freshman year until my junior year.

  • I swam on my schools varsity swim team from my freshman year until my junior year.

Personal Story

"I wasn't too surprised when I got into Penn. My brothers and dad went there either for business school or as undergrads so I could rely on legacy to get me in. I understand that this isn't really fair because I have an advantage that others don't, but oh well, life isn't fair sometimes.

In general getting into Penn wasn't that exciting. It was the only school I applied to, and I did it early so that I would have the largest chance of getting in. Once I was in it was pretty uneventful."

Useful Advice

"If there's anything I could tell people, I'd tell them to pay special attention to their essays.

When I was applying, my mom told me, pretty much all the time, to make my essay as good as possible because they 'don't really care that much about the other stuff.'

While I don't think that's was got me in, I certainly believe that it helped.

To anyone applying, I'd tell them to create a meaningful essay instead of polishing up their resume with another extracurricular or sport."

University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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