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How I got into Cornell (Interview 13)


SAT: 1560 (790 Math, 770 Reading)

ACT: 36 (36 English, 36 Math, 35 Reading, 36 Science)

GPA: 3.86

Rank in Class: 12

Size of Class: 317

Ap's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Environmental Science, Biology, American History, Statistics, Computer Science, Chinese Language, English Language, English Literature, European History


  • I was in my schools DECA chapter and became president in my Junior year and stayed President in my senior year

  • I was on my schools Cross Country team and joined the varsity team in my Junior year

  • I was on my high school spring track team and became the distance team captain in my senior year.

Personal Story

"Getting into Cornell was amazing!

My sister and older brother both applied, but didn't get in, so I figured that I had pretty much no chance. But, I decided to apply anyway, and somehow, someway, I got in."

Useful Advice

"I'd say that you really need to be 100% sold on the fact that you can get there because it's really hard to get there, and unless you really really want to get there, you won't.

However, in your way to getting there it's really important to have guidance so that you can figure out where you're going and what's needed to get there. My older siblings served as guidance for me so that I could avoid all the pitfalls they encountered.

If you can, find guidance, it'll make a huge difference."

Cornell Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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