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The Unknown Secret About Higher Education

Updated: May 12, 2022

Not All Colleges Are Built The Same

For the next couple posts, we're going to analyze how each student type can maximize their odds of not only get into the schools they want, but also be aware of which schools they have the best chances of getting into.

In this post, we're just going to define some terms and lay the foundation for our following posts where we will build on this.

As we mentioned in our last post, there are 5 different types of students.

The different types of students being:

  1. Athletic Academic

  2. Humanities Intellectual

  3. Stem Scholar

  4. Sharp Social Scientist

  5. Professional Polymaths

This is a quick review of each of these types of students:

The Athletic Academic is a student who is a good student, not necessarily at the top of their class, but is a sought after candidate for schools primarily for recruitment reasons, or, they hope to stand out through their participation in sports and their accomplishments there.

The Humanities Intellectual is a student who is primarily a Humanities student first and foremost. They excel at literature, english and anything in the humanities discipline. They also tend to do clubs and extracurriculars related to humanities discipline like theatre, the school newspaper, poetry club etc.

The Stem Scholar is a student who is primarily a STEM expert. They are good with math, physics, chemistry and excels at nearly any STEM subject or discipline they are placed in. They tend to participate in clubs like Science Bowl, Engineering Teams, and often work on their own side projects where they pursue science concepts they find interesting.

The Sharp Social Scientist is a student who excels in the social science fields. Whether it is business, politics, psychology, etc. These students are excellent in any of the social science disciplines and are often the students who are leaders of their school’s History Bowl teams or class presidents and officers.

The Professional Polymaths are the students who can do it all. These are the students who seem to be exceptional at everything. They are the captains of the football team who are also the class president and school valedictorian. These people don’t quite fit into a box as they excel in both the STEM, Social Science, and Humanities disciplines while also excelling athletically.

Each type of student does well when applying to a particular type of school. Here we'll go over the different types of schools there are and how each student type fares when applying to each type of school.

Now, with that being said, here are the different types of schools and the types of student who tend to excel when it comes to applying to these types of schools.

The Different Types Of Universities and Colleges

These are the four categories most universities and colleges fall into:

  1. Humanities Havens

  2. Political Science Paradises

  3. Technology Towns

  4. Business Boroughs

From a survey, we've concluded that this is a rough breakdown of the proportion of each type of school

Humanities Havens are schools where humanities students apply in earnest and make up a large part of the accepted class for that school. These schools are often liberal arts schools and have large humanities and social science departments and have many students who graduate with majors in those disciplines. Some examples of Humanities Havens are schools like: Harvard University, Wellesley College, and Boston University.

Political Science Paradises are schools where social science students apply en mass because of the school's political science and economics departments. Thus, these schools accept a large portion of social science students and have large departments dedicated to those fields of study. Some examples of Political Science Paradises are schools like: Yale University, Princeton University, and Dartmouth College.

Technology Towns are schools where STEM dominates everything. STEM students apply to these schools in huge numbers and make up a predominant part of the accepted class to these schools. These schools are often technology schools or have a history of being on the cutting edge of technology and thus dedicate large portions of their resources towards STEM programs. Some examples of Technology Towns are schools like: Stanford University, MIT, and The California Institute of Technology.

Finally, there are Business Boroughs. These schools are known for their finance, business, and economics programs and the students who apply there do so for this very reason. Some of the schools which would qualify as Business Boroughs are: The University of Pennsylvania, Colombia University, and New York University.

Now that we've defined the important pieces within this application puzzle, we're going to put them together and show exactly what each type of student needs to do to have the best chance of getting into the school of their dreams.

Closing Words

As usual, you can always contact us here to suggest a topic we could cover, or, if you'd like a one on one consultation about something personal that you would like some guidance and advice with, you can contact us here.

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We're glad you've stuck with us this far and look forward to continuing this journey with you when we release our next post in the newsletter.

We'll speak with you soon.

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