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Superscore Me!

Updated: May 29, 2021

We receive this question often enough that we felt as though it deserved it's own post.

As you (hopefully) know by now, we have done many posts on the SAT and the ways in which a student can not only perform at their best on their test, but put their best foot forward as it relates to applying to college.

This introduces the topic of the "Super-score."

This is a nifty "trick" that can help improve a student's odds of getting into their dream school substantially.

A super-score, is the best combination of a student's math and reading scores combined.

Here's how it works:

Let's say that we have a student named Julia who went in for the SAT nervous, but excited to take the test and get it over with.

Her reading section was great as she remembered all her grammar rules and all those hours of practice and tutoring help really prepared her for it. However, once she got to the math section she forgot everything. Her mind completely blanked and she couldn't remember any of the equations she was taught and all the word problems seemed to be written in gibberish.

When she got her test back, her English score was great: she received a 750! But, her math score wasn't up to her standards and she only received a 600...

Before her next test, she studied all the math she could and was more than ready for the exam. She breezed through the math section and then once she got to the reading section she ran into some trouble. In her time studying for math, she had forgotten all of her grammar rules and was now struggling to get through the reading section...

The results come back, and she received a 600 on the Reading section, but a 750 on the math section.

Both times she received a total score of a 1350 (750 Reading, 600 Math) & (600 Reading, 750 Math) but now with the super-score she could do things a little differently...

Instead of only receiving a 1350, her super score would be the best reading score she received, 750, added to the best math score she received, 750, to get a grand total of a 1500!

A substantial jump from the two scores of 1350 she had earlier!

At this point, many parents ask "Can you do that?" and the short answer is "Yes!"

Many colleges and universities accept super-scoring as a valid method of reporting scores as they understand that there are some days when a student knows what they're doing, but due to nerves they might slip up on a section they would otherwise have no trouble with.

(For a list of schools who do accept super-scoring click here)

This is why a parent or student shouldn't be so dejected after one bad section on an exam. With super-scoring, a student can focus on each section, one at a time, and with help and professional tutoring, master them so that when the total score is put together, they look incredible!

Closing Words

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