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Sophomore Summer

Updated: May 29, 2021

The Second Most Important Summer During A Student's Time In High School

This summer is a critical summer because of one reason: a student has the time and complete freedom to do a number of things that will send their odds of making it into their dream school into the stratosphere.

After deciding which colleges they want to go to and taking the dream school quiz, a student is well equipped to know exactly what it takes to make it into the school they want to; and the summer after a student's sophomore year is a perfect time for a student to volunteer at a school, do some environmental volunteering, and or working. This summer is the perfect summer for a student to start building their resume in earnest as they are clear on where they want to go, and have the time to do a number of things that will make their resume stand out from all other student's to help them get there.

In addition to extra-scholarly extracurriculars a student can do during this time, another thing they can do during this time is start practicing for the first SAT test they will take during their junior year.

Often times after their sophomore years, most students are ready to take the SAT test for the first time. By beginning their practice in the summer of their sophomore year, they'll be leagues ahead and could possibly take the SAT for the first time in the fall or winter of their Junior years. This will help them be far ahead of most students who take the SAT for the first time in the spring of their junior years. By simply starting earlier, a student can fit three, four or five different SAT tests before their application deadlines. This gives them ample time to get an incredible score that will place them at the top of the pile of students applying to that school.

The importance of the summer after Sophomore year is that it allows a student to complete some of the most important things they need to before going back to school. Activities like working, volunteering and being a peer leader can be completed before the students junior year so that in the next summer the student can spend all their time and energy polishing their resume and applying to schools instead of being stressed over not doing enough.

While this summer may not have any particularly serious events, decisions, and deadlines, a student who decides to capitalize on it will be leagues ahead of a student who lets it pass them by in getting into the school of their dreams.

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