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Questions From The Community Week 4

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We're excited to be coming back with this weeks post as we are covering some important topics many members of the community wanted answered.

This week we had 14 questions submitted on a whole host of topics, but the three which stood out to us were:

1. How will the stimulus bill affect my family?

2. Should I have a weekly budget for tutoring?

3. How can I help my children become less restless at home?


Our team took all the questions submitted during the week and these were our top answers.

1. The long answer is it depends. The short answer is that the stimulus bill will give most families a small infusion of cash to help curb the effects of this unexpected event on a families livelihood. What the stimulus bill will do, in a nutshell, is provide $1,200 for each adult in the household and $500 for each minor in the household. While things are much more complicated than that, for families making a combined income of less than $200,000 a year, they should receive some sort of aid from the government to help lessen the effects this virus is having of many people's lives.

For the most part, the stimulus bill should help many families as it will allow them to pay for their rent, or their mortgage, or other necessities they need to get through this time.

2. As we went over a couple weeks ago, this question is difficult to answer as it depends on the family and what they are choosing to prioritize during this time. First and foremost, we recommend that each and every family focus on paying for the necessities in their lives like food, housing, utilities, etc. before paying for any tutoring for their children. Then once the necessities are paid for and there is a little left over, we recommend that families do what they can to save a small portion of that for future events like grocery shopping, or other bills, and once they have done that, then considering possibly scheduling tutoring into their weekly routine.

3. This question was difficult to answer as it depends on the particular qualities of the child involved. However, unless if your state is under a complete quarantine and lock down, we recommend taking them or allowing them to go out for walks or do other activities outside to enjoy the fresh air and alleviate some of the feelings which come form staying inside all day.

Other than that, if there are any family activities which can be done to help take their minds off the anxiety and stress surrounding the virus, we would recommend that as well.

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