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Questions From The Community Week 3

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We're excited to be coming back with this weeks post as we are covering some important topics many members of the community wanted answered.

This week we had 13 questions submitted on a whole host of topics, but the three which stood out to us were:

1. How should I juggle working from home and teaching my children?

2. What should I do for my children if my company has closed down?

3. Are my children receiving sufficient instruction from their teachers at school?


Our team took all the questions submitted during the week and these were our top answers.

1. While there isn't a one size fits all solution for this problem, something we recommend is parents using resources such as Kahn Academy and other such websites to help their children in conjunction with their help. If you haven't read last weeks post, we cover this in greater detail. However, a resource all parents could use is this section of the site, which has a wide array of videos, worksheets and websites designed to keep students engaged and learning during this difficult and complicated time.

2. First and foremost, especially now, it is important for your children, and yourself, that you're present with them and bond with them. That in the long run is far more valuable for them than any particular action taken to change the situation now.

However, if you company has closed down and you have been laid off, we're so sorry about that unfortunate incident, but something you can do, if possible, is apply for positions at Amazon, or Wal-Mart or other delivery service positions. We anticipate these positions hiring many people as more and more people request for their goods to be delivered to their homes.

That would be our first recommendation, but another recommendation we have is to apply for unemployment benefits, for the time being, as the supplemental income could help your family until this situation is over.

3. Due to the closing down of schools and the cutting back on the sheer number of hours students are spending doing work in general, we would have to answer "no" to that question. However, something which could be done to combat this is to supplement your children's knowledge with practice on sites like Kahn Academy (see last weeks post for more information), or the Online Education portion of our own site.

This will help keep your children learning and growing during this difficult time and will place them leagues ahead once the next school year arrives.

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Our community has grown like wildfire recently and we’re so grateful that amazing people like you are a part of our community and helping it grow. We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to speak to you all again in the next article.

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