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How I got into Yale (Interview 1)


  • SAT: 1570 (770 Math, 800 Reading)

  • ACT: 36 (36 English, 35 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

  • GPA: 4.00

  • Rank in Class: 1

  • Size of Class: 217

  • AP's Taken: Physics Mechanics, Environmental Science, Chemistry, English Language, Italian Language, English Literature, American History, Word History, Government and Politics (Comparative), Government and Politics (US), European History, Statistics, AB Calculus


  • I was the president of my schools book club from my Sophomore year until my senior year

  • I was an officer of my schools debate team during my sophomore and senior years

  • I was the leader of my schools orchestra during my junior and senior years

Personal Story

"I was astonished when I got into Yale, I think I started freaking out immediately. Like I couldn't breathe for a solid 10 minutes when I opened up portal and saw that big fat 'accepted.' I had no idea what to do. No clue.

I'd been waiting for that day since I was so little that I can hardly remember when it started. I remember wanting to be a lawyer for the longest time when I was a kid and that pretty much all I would think about ever. Even when some kids wanted to astronauts or presidents I somehow knew that I wanted to go to law school like my dad and 'put the bad guys away.'

My dad is a lawyer and I have always looked up to him and seeing him so proud of me as I made my valedictorian speech at my graduation announcing that I would be going to Yale almost made me cry and it it still chokes me up to this day."

Useful Advice

"What I did which really allowed me to give 100% to all my applications was to start everything early. Really early.

I started taking the SAT in the spring of my Sophomore year and started working on my college essays pretty much soon after that. When I took the SAT the first time as a practice I got a 1450, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Then I took twice later that year along with the ACT and managed to get it up to a 1550 with a super-score of a 1570. That I got completed by late August and it freed me up to spend time on thinking about my essays and supplementals.

I spent pretty much all of junior year writing practice supplementals and practice essays until I settled on maybe 15 which I really really liked and could adapt to pretty much any school I picked.

By the time I applied in the beginning of my senior year I was rock solid and knew exactly what I was doing. So it took pretty much no time to apply to colleges and create a bulletproof resume as well as recommendation letters to put me in the best possible position for success.

I'd suggest starting pretty early because it allows you to position yourself in whatever way you want and be prepared for what's to come."

Yale Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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