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How I got into UPenn (Interview 12)


SAT: 1560 (780 Math, 780 Reading)

ACT: 35 (35 English, 35 Math, 34 Reading, 35 Science)

GPA: 3.91

Rank in Class: 12

Size of Class: 213

AP's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electromagnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Biology, American History, Statistics, English Language, English Literature, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics


  • I was the leader of my schools history bowl team and became president in my junior and senior years

  • I was the founder of my schools Business Club and was president of the club from my Sophomore year through to my Senior year

  • I was on my schools varsity cross country team in my Junior and Senior year and became captain of the team in my Senior year.

Personal Story

"I was so happy when I got into Penn!

Before coming to Penn I had never left the West Coast. For vacations, schooling, or anything I had never traveled further east than Arizona. So I'd always wanted to see what the East coast was like, especially visit New York City and Philly. When I finally did get the chance to come to the East coast I fell in love with it immediately.

When visiting Colombia I fell in love with NYC. It was so different than any other city I knew. It was kind of like LA, but so much busier with a lot more happening at any moment in time. I loved the glass towers that pierced the sky and all the busy people moving about. I just loved the whole busy city vibe which seemed to permeate through everything.

When we got to Philly I didn't think that I could've loved a place more than I loved New York, but Philly exceeded all my expectations. Not only was it like New York in terms of architecture and had the busy rushed vibe of a New York City, but it was also a lot calmer which was very similar to how I had grown up. Something about that just resonated with me and I just clicked into the city almost instantly! I loved everything about it instantly and was absolutely euphoric when I would be able to go live and study there.

It was this beautiful dream come true."

Useful Advice

"You have to really love the place you want to go.

I made this mistake earlier when applying to Stanford in the fall. I knew in my heart of hearts that I didn't want to go there, but I applied anyway. I got in, which was exciting, but I didn't really connect with Stanford so my essays for it weren't that great. However, when applying to two schools I really wanted to go to, Columbia and Penn, I put in a tremendous amount of work, and time, and effort into those applications and they were much better than any of my other previous ones by far.

I'd say that before applying to a school, especially if it has a good name, check to see if you're truly passionate about this school. If you are I suggest that you focus pretty much all your time and energy into making sure that your application is the best it can possibly be for that school. If you do that, I have no doubt that anyone who wants to get in wil do just that."

University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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