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How I got into UPenn (Interview 1)

Updated: Dec 23, 2019


SAT: 1570 (790 Math, 780 Reading)

ACT: 36 (36 English, 36 Math, 35 Reading, 36 Science)

GPA: 3.96

Rank in Class: 2

Size of Class: 403

Ap's taken: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, American History, European History, World History, Statistics, English Language, English Literature, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Spanish Language


  • I was the founder of my schools Entrepreneurship club and served as its president from my freshman year through to my senior year

  • I was the president of my schools science olympiad, math league and STEM clubs.

  • I was the founder of my schools chess and checkers clubs and served as its president from my sophomore year through my senior year.

Personal Story

"I was excited to get into Penn but I wasn't terribly surprised when I did get in.

My dad went to Penn for business school and met my mom there so I was sort of lucky to the fact that I'm a double legacy of there. So in that regard I was born with something of a 'silver spoon' in my mouth.

Nonetheless, it was still pretty cool to get into Penn. I went to boarding school near Philadelphia and often my friends and I would hop on the train and head to Philly for concerts and to hang out.

I was excited that I would be living in Philly because the city is cool and pretty exciting. That plus Penn is an amazing school and seemed to have a pretty fun vibe to it."

Useful Advice

"I had a lot of help because I received a lot of tutoring in pretty much everything when I was in high school and I think that this helped me a lot. If possible, I'd recommend that others do the same because it can make a huge difference. I was an okay student without the extra help, but it only when I got that extra help when I was able to become an exceptional student.

I'd say that every student should have some sort of personal tutor and mentor who can help them through school and studies so that they are kept on track and can be guided towards their goals."

University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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