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How I got into Stanford (Interview 8)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


  • SAT: 1600 (800 Math, 800 Reading)

  • ACT: 36 (35 English, 36 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

  • GPA: 3.94

  • Rank in Class: 8

  • Size of Class: 341

  • AP's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Environmental Science, Biology, American History, European History, Computer Science, English Language and Composition, English Literature.


  • I participated in a lot of STEM related things like math league, science olympiad, TEAMS, engineering club, chess club, science bowl, chemistry club and environmental club.

  • I did a lot of hacking in high school and almost every weekend I was in some hacking competition.

  • I didn't do too much in the way of sports but I did try out for field hockey my freshman year of high school and after the ball hit my leg and I got a bruise the size of a quarter I quickly realized that it wasn't for me.

Short Personal Story

"I was super stocked when I was accepted to Stanford because Stanford is pretty much the center of silicon valley. I'd grown up in Palo Alto all my life and heard stories about Peter Theil, Sergey and Larry, Elon Musk, and I knew I wanted to go there because that's where the action was. So it was pretty surreal when I did get accepted and could actually go to the place where a ton of history has happened and be a part of a culture of innovation and changing the world."

Useful Advice

"I think what helped me was the fact that I started really really early. I finished up my SAT's and Act's in the winter of my Junior year and pretty much spent all of spring filling out financial aid forms and writing drafts of what I wanted my essays to be. Because I had so much time to really think and plan out what I wanted to say, I didn't really feel rushed and could do a much better job.

Something I'd also recommend is meeting with someone who has already been through the admissions process and generally has a good idea of what to expect and any rough patches that may pop up. I was lucky in the fact that my brother had applied to Harvard and few years earlier and was able to coach me through the whole process and make sure that I could avoid the mistakes he made.

If you can find yourself either an older friend, or if you can a professional, to help coach you through the whole process it is a huge game changer because you don't have to figure everything out and you have a clear idea of what to do moving forward."

Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2023

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