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How I got into Stanford (Interview 3)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


  • SAT: 1520 (740 Math, 780 Reading)

  • ACT: 34 (36 English, 34 Math, 35 Reading, 32 Science)

  • GPA: 3.81

  • Rank in Class: 45

  • Size of Class: 510

  • AP's Taken: Music Theory, Studio Art Drawing, Studio Art 2D Design, Studio Art 3D Design, American History, European History, World History, English Language, English Literature


  • I did a lot of painting and sculpting in my spare time. Sometimes I'd be given a project to work on by my school or by a teacher where I'd be designing some sculpture or painting some picture for them.

  • I was in band and theater at my school and had been in shows since my freshman year.

Short Personal Story

"I was thrilled when I got into Stanford, but I also felt kind of bad because I knew people who were way more qualified than I was who got rejected. Like, there was this guy for example, who was our school valedictorian who was the captain of the cross country team volunteered like crazy, and took every single AP Test imaginable and got 5's on all of them got denied while I got accepted.

That was weird to think about, but overall it was pretty exciting. I had set my sights on NYU for acting, but then once I got accepted by Stanford it was a pretty easy decision to make."

Useful Advice

"Something which worked for me, and I'm saying everyone should try this, is to purposefully try something different. What this meant to me was that for every question I would answer with some really goofy response such as a joke or something really silly which would make the reader snicker.

I would suggest trying something different that most other people because that'll catch the admissions officer's eye and help you stand out from everyone else"

Stanford Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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