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How I got into Stanford (Interview 12)


  • SAT: 1590 (800 Math, 790 Reading)

  • ACT: 36 (36 English, 36 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

  • GPA: 4.00

  • Rank in Class: 1

  • Size of Class: 561

  • AP's Taken: Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, US History, World History, European History, Art History, Human Geography US Government and Politics, US Comparative Government, Computer Science, English Language and Composition, English Literature, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Chinese Language, French Language, German Language, Latin, Studio Art Drawing, Studio Art 2-D Design, Studio Art 3-D Design


  • I competed in Science Olympiad, Math League, Chess Club, STEM Club, Engineering Club, Computer Science Club, Debate Team, DECA, Science Bowl, History Bowl and the World Cultures Club

  • I was my class Vice-President for all four years at high school

  • I was the founder of my schools, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Club as well as the founder of my school's Go (the Chinese game similar to chess) Club.

  • I ran varsity track every Spring from my Freshman Year until my Senior year and participated in varsity swimming from my Sophomore year until my Senior year.

Short Personal Story

"It felt kind of weird getting into Stanford honestly. To me if felt good not because I was getting into Stanford, but because I could finally stop taking all these Ap tests and classes!

But, I was super excited to go because my best friend got in as well and we decided that we would both go together. That was pretty nice. Overall though, it was a pretty amazing experience seeing all that hard work pay off by finally getting into Stanford.

The best thing about this actually happened about a week after I got accepted.

When I finally decided to commit to Stanford waves of tension and pressure and just stress faded out of me. It was great! I think that when I first got accepted it didn't really register in my head, but then once I actually accepted, that's when it clicked that 'this was real' it's when my brain went 'we're doing this for real now.' "

Useful Advice

"This isn't really advice for Juniors and Seniors, but I guess it sort of applies to them. The one thing I'd say which really helped me was tutoring and educational planning and coaching.

When I was in, I wan't to say 7th grade, my parents set me up with tutors going to Princeton University to help me with my Math, English and Science courses. I had maybe 2 hours of tutoring a day after school on weekdays and something like 5 hours on weekends. On top of that, I had this educational planner who listed out pretty much everything I would need to do from then till my senior year to increase my odds of getting into Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard as much as possible.

This was pretty much a checklist which had things like x hours of volunteering, x years on a varsity sports team, computer science hackathon, x clubs I was a part of, and x leadership positions I was a part of. It was this list I had to check of while I was in high school which when completed would give me something of a 50-50 shot of getting in to these schools (according to their estimate).

I checked off pretty much everything off the list and I guess it worked because I. ended getting into Stanford, Harvard and Princeton.

So, if possible, I'd recommend that students and parents find something like that to help them really map out the steps they need to take to give their kids the best possible chance of getting in."

Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2023

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