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How I got into Stanford (Interview 1)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


  • SAT: 1600 (800 Math, 800 Reading)

  • ACT: 35 (36 English, 35 Math, 36 Reading, 34 Science)

  • GPA: 3.86

  • Rank in Class: 17

  • Size of Class: 341

  • AP's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, AB Calculus, Environmental Science, Biology, American History, European History


  • I did varsity cheerleading in the fall and winter and ran track in the spring.

  • I participated in math league and science olympiad as well as debate team and history bowl.

  • I volunteered a lot at a couple soup kitchen near my area and participated in environmental cleanup projects as well as animal rescues throughout my time in high school.

Short Personal Story

"When I got the letter back from Stanford I was honestly pretty surprised. Actually, scratch that I was suuuuper shocked because I though that it was such a long shot. I remember opening up my email with my stomach sinking anticipating a rejection and then seeing the words "You've been accepted."

For a second I couldn't really move and then refreshed the page to see if this was real and then ran to my mom to show her the news. We started laughing and crying and screaming as we went to the application portal and saw in big bold words "ACCEPTED."

Stanford had always been my dream school and growing up in the Palo Alto region it was pretty much idealized as the place where cool things happened. There other schools but they weren't as great as Stanford. So I was beyond excited that I could be in a place with so many wonderful people doing these wonderful thing and trying to change the world around them."

Useful Advice

"If there's anything I feel that helped me stand out, it was my essay and maybe my resume. I know that it's cliche, but I really do feel that my essay was what really helped the admissions officers decide to pick me instead of all the other amazing applicants who applied to Stanford. I know that I didn't have the best resume and didn't take nearly as many classes or participate as much in school as other students, but I believe that I was able to really show why I loved Stanford and why it would be the right fit for me and what I could bring to Stanford that no one else could.

If I were giving advice to any prospective student on what they could do to increase their chances of coming to Stanford I'd really suggest that they focus more on finding out what they really love about Stanford and how it would help them grow as a person as well as what they could bring to the Stanford community.

There are so many people who have amazing resume's and perfect grades, SAT scores and other stuff, but their essays are so generic and lack personality. I think what made mine stand out was the fact that I put so much of myself in my essay and the admissions officers were able to see that and say 'Hey, I think she might be a good fit here.' "

Stanford Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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