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How I got into Princeton (Interview 5)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


  • SAT: 1580 (790 Math, 790 Reading)

  • ACT: 35 (35 English, 35 Math, 34 Reading, 36 Science)

  • GPA: 3.90

  • Rank in Class: 3

  • Size of Class: 389

  • AP's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Environmental Science, Biology, American History, Statistics, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics.


  • I was the President of my class

  • I was on my schools Basketball team from my freshman year until my senior year

  • I was an intern at Morgan Stanley in my Junior and Senior years

Short Personal Story

"From a pretty early age I knew that I wanted to go to school on the East Coast. When I first visited Princeton and Harvard in the summer after sophomore year I didn't really like Princeton. For some reason I didn't like the atmosphere and it just didn't fit right for me. I liked Boston much much better and felt that Harvard would be perfect for me.

Then, about a year later my family went back to Princeton during the summer before my senior year and during our walking we decided to take a break and get some ice cream at 'Thomas Sweets.' So we're going up to order, I order chocolate and I turn around to see this breath taking girl probably around my age walk in and order vanilla and go back outside.

I was absolutely starstruck by her and my dad, with a knowing smirk on his face said 'Well, go talk to her.'

I did and we had this amazing conversation about art, philosophy, literature, music, and science. It was the best conversation I've ever had with anyone.

I asked her where she went and she said that she was going a senior at Princeton High School and would probably be attending Princeton in the fall. I told her that I'd be doing the same and would love to see her again.

She left with a couple friends of her's who showed up and I decided right there that I would do whatever it took to get into Princeton.

Fast forward a couple months to when the decisions come out and I was ecstatic because I had held my end of the bargain and gotten in. I committed pretty much instantly and when I told my mom and dad they burst into tears from laughter.

But, it didn't matter because I had the chance to see her again."

Useful Advice

""The only advice I'd have to give, and this comes from tons of time not taking it, is to do something differently. To do something true to yourself.

I remember writing my first common app essay about something pretty generic about developing some leadership ability or useful insight or eureka moment or something, and it never really clicked for me. I just wasn't into it and the essay was ok, but it was never really that good.

But, then when I started writing about this girl everything just clicked and it just flowed out from my head onto the pages.

I'd say that when people are writing thier essays, they should really focus on something that resonates with them. It could be weird, but if it resonates with them, that's what will truly allow them to show who they are and really stand out.

One more thing, I never actually ended up meeting her here. I heard through a friend of a friend of a friend that she ended up taking a gap year to go to India which sucks, but I'm glad that she gave me the motivation to actually make sure that I got in."

Princeton Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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