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How I got into Harvard (Interview 9)


SAT: 1540 (780 Math, 760 Reading)

ACT: 36 (35 English, 36 Math, 35 Reading, 36 Science)

GPA: 3.92

Rank in Class: 6

Size of Class: 177

AP's Taken: Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Statistics, American History, English Language, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Spanish Language, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science


  • I was president of my schools DECA chapter.

  • I was vice president of my school's business and history clubs.

  • I was in my school band and theatre teams from the freshman year until my senior year.

Short Personal Story

"When I got into Harvard, I wasn't really excited, I was more relieved that it was finally over. Getting into Harvard did wonders in helping me reduce my anxiety during my senior year. After making it into Harvard in the fall, every single bit of anxiety about school and education in general fell away. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I just had no idea what I was like not stressing out for a test and not worrying about your grades and making sure that you did whatever it took to get an A in a class. That was simply amazing.

On top of that, Harvard was by far my top choice because it wasn't that far from home and more importantly, it was freaking Harvard! My future was set and I could now be in a position to do whatever I wanted. Those two feelings put together lead me to a state of bliss and relaxation that I had never ever felt before. It was like everything had just fallen away and I was just floating. I was in this sea of calm because I knew that I would be ok. "

Useful Advice

"What really helped me was all the information I consumed about college, the admissions process, how to 'hack' the Ivy League and pretty much everything you could think . of for tips as to how to get into elite schools. One resource I joined early on in my sophomore year was with site called tutor connect which offered newsletter which regularly provided articles on SAT tips and ACT tips as well as the best practices on how to get into elite schools. It cost like $3 a week but it was beyond worth it because it helped me bypass a lot of the headache and learn the critical things I needed to know about admissions and the entire college application process.

If I could give any sort of advice, I'd say that websites which do something like that are the route to go because they act like a sort of mentor and coach, but without the insane costs of a personal tutor."

Harvard Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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