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How I got into Dartmouth (Interview 5)


SAT: 1520 (780 Math, 740 Reading)

ACT: 36 (35 English, 36 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

GPA: 3.98

Rank in Class: 1

Size of Class: 422

Ap's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Biology, American History, Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics.


  • I was the captain of my schools Math League team from my sophomore year until my senior year.

  • I was the captain of my science bowl team during my junior and senior years

  • I played tennis all four years of high school and played on the varsity level during my junior and senior years

Personal Story

"It was pretty exciting getting in, It was nice to know that all the years of hard work had finally paid off. I didn't really expect to get in and almost didn't apply after being rejected by Harvard. But, I decided to go through with it and just see what happened and am so glad I did."

Useful Advice

"Something which really helped me was online resources. I was lucky in the fact that I was pretty smart so I could learn things pretty well on my own outside of school. For that reason, I didn't really need that much help with anything because I could google whatever I was struggling with a just learn it.

To anyone who wants better grades for school or an improved SAT score, there are a lot of resources online dedicated to doing just that. I'd suggest that people use online resources like Kahn Academy or the hundreds of thousands of hours on educational videos on youtube because teachers aren't perfect and they'll definitely miss things or won't explain things fully. Supplementing your knowledge there will allow you to not only keep up, but stay ahead and help you get into some of the best schools in the world."

Dartmouth Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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