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How I got into Columbia (Interview 6)


SAT: 1510 (750 Math, 760 Reading)

ACT: 35 (35 English, 34 Math, 34 Reading, 35 Science)

GPA: 3.86

Rank in Class: 7

Size of Class: 302

Ap's Taken: AB Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, American History, European History, World History, Computer Science, Statistics


  • I founded my schools Chess and board game club and served as the president of the club from my sophomore year through to my senior year.

  • I was the vice-president of my schools game design club in my freshman and sophomore years and served as president on my Junior and Senior years

  • I was one of the leaders of my schools book clubs and served as president of the club in my senior year

Personal Story

"I was super shocked when I got into Columbia! It was this climactic moment when I was counting down until the decisions came out with the site crashing and having to reload repeatedly. After a couple attempts at reloading the portal finally opened up and that magical moment happened. I read the first couple lines and started crying. I honestly had no idea what I was feeling, but it was this feeling of overwhelm and relief and freedom. It was like a burden had been lifted off me and I could breathe again."

Useful Advice

"Something I found incredibly useful was online videos about people who got into Harvard and Stanford and Columbia because it helped me see where I stacked up with other applicants and see what they did and what I could do to give myself a better shot."

Columbia Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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