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How I got into Brown (Interview 7)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


SAT: 1510 (780 Math, 730 Reading)

ACT: 35 (35 English, 35 Math, 34 Reading, 35 Science)

GPA: 3.76

Rank in Class: 11

Size of Class: 256

Ap's Taken: Biology, Physics Mechanics, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, American History, World History, Chemistry, English Language, German Language


  • I was an officer of my schools book club and the captain of my history bowl team.

  • I was the captain of my schools debate team and participated in my schools DECA chapter

  • I have been volunteering at soups kitchens for the last couple years and am an active voice in a non-profit in my community

  • I have been an assistant teacher at various schools in my community and internationally since middle school

Personal Story

"It's kind of interesting, I wasn't really sure about Brown. When I got accepted, I was initially skeptical because I've always wanted to become a teacher and wasn't really sure if I could really do that at Brown. While it was a great school, I wan't sure that it was the type of school I could go to in order to pursue a teaching career. I felt that it would be a waste of a degree there. But, during one of the orientations, I met with an undergrad who wanted to concentrate in educational policy and she managed to convince me that it would not only be worth it, but it would in fact be an amazing experience to come to Brown not just to learn about education and receive a degree, but because of the amazing professors and beautiful and amazing people on the campus.

Needless to say, I was convinced and accepted later that week once I returned home. Once, I had taken the orientation I became more sure than ever of my decision and beyond excited of what was to come!"

Useful Advice

"This isn't so much an Ivy League secret rather than just general college advice. An important thing to make sure of before you decide to attend a school is to really make sure that you love the school. I know a friend of mine a couple years older than me who went to Stanford and absolutely hated it there, but decided that because it was a good school, he had to stay. After 3 years there he was absolutely miserable because it jut didn't fit with him and his personality.

I tried my best to avoid this same situation and that's why I was really cautious about accepting brown before I was sure that I really loved it and that it would be a good fit for me.

If there's anything I could give as advice, I'd ask people to really explore the college and fast forward one or two years to see if they'd love the place they want to go and if it matches up with what they want to do in the future. If not, I'd suggest that no matter how amazing the school, the choose a different one, because in the long run they will do much better at a school that is less prestigious but matches up with what they believe ad want to do, than a prestigious one that does not."

Brown Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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