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How I got into Brown (Interview 11)


SAT: 1570 (800 Math, 770 Reading)

ACT: 36 (35 English, 36 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

GPA: 4.00

Rank in Class: 1

Size of Class: 139

Ap's Taken: Chemistry, Physics Mechanics, Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, Statistics, English Language, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Computer Science


  • I was the captain of my schools science bowl team.

  • I was one of the captains on my school's junior varsity soccer team

  • I was my class vice-president from my sophomore year through my senior year

Personal Story

"Getting into Brown was pretty cool. I felt like it was more or less deserved because I put in a lot of work during high school and feel like I was rewarded accordingly. I was pretty exited getting in because it was one more stepping stone towards becoming a lawyer and that was awesome.

I wasn't crying or anything over it because I sort of expected it. I know that I'm pretty smart and that I can hold my own with the best so it wasn't too crazy to get into one of the top schools in the country. I'm a good student and know it, so this validation was more or less expected."

Useful Advice

"Personally, something I found super helpful was online videos and tutoring.

I spent maybe thousands of hours watching Kahn Academy videos on math, chemistry and physics during high school and probably hundreds of hours being tutored.

I think that might have been the huge difference for me because I was able to really understand my classes more intuitively and on a deeper level than most of my classmates and for that reason I was able to consistently perform much better.

I'd attribute most of my success to what I did outside of the classroom because this was pretty much the difference between an A and an A+ for me, and thus helped me move just a little bit higher than everyone ad overtime I was so far ahead that they just couldn't catch up.

If there's anything I'd advise people to do it's to find high quality tutoring as early as possible in high school so that you can start separating yourself little by little and eventually end up light years ahead of your peers by graduation. Even for those 'smart' kids who are getting A's and are crushing their classes without trying, I'd recommend that they get a tutor because in the long run they'll be able to build a deeper understanding of the material and have a much more solid foundation for future classes.

Thinking about it, something I'm really grateful for is that my parents taught me not to put up with a band-aid mentality as it relates to things. For example, most parents usually get tutoring for their kids once things start going sideways, but my parents were the opposite. They got tutoring for me in eight grade and I had tutoring every single week independent of how well I was doing at school. This really helped me solve problems I had forever as opposed to just doing it for the next homework assignment.

So, I'd recommend something like that because it really helped me and I believe that in general, it's a good philosophy to have on life as a whole."

Brown Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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