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How I got into Princeton (Interview 7)

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


  • SAT: 1600 (800 Math, 800 Reading)

  • ACT: 36 (36 English, 36 Math, 36 Reading, 36 Science)

  • GPA: 3.98

  • Rank in Class: 1

  • Size of Class: 371

  • AP's Taken: Physics Mechanics, Physics Electromagnetism, AB Calculus, BC Calculus, American History, European History, World History, Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Latin, Spanish Language


  • I played tennis in the fall, swam in the winter and played lacrosse all four years of high school.

  • I the class treasurer for my school from my freshman until my junior year.

  • I did a lot of community service work and environmental cleanup projects nearly every weekend when I was in high school.

Short Personal Story

"I was super happy! when the decisions came out one by one I was beyond thrilled because I didn't really expect to get into any.

I remember being super nervous on Ivy day because I had no idea what was going to happen and that bothered me a lot. I anticipated being rejected and tried to calm myself so that I wouldn't take it too hard. But, when the results came out I was pretty shocked. It was 'accepted' one after the next after the next and I was so thrilled! The only one's I applied to which I didn't get accepted were Brown and Harvard. But, overall I was absolutely elated! I felt amazing!

I remember showing my parents and watching as their jaws dropped and they game me hugs and told that they knew that I would get it. It was absolutely great. I loved it.

I was feeling confident at that time so I even asked my parents for a day off from school the next day to celebrate my victory with sleeping in and just relaxing for the entire day!"

Useful Advice

"I can't really point to anything in particular which would be the 'one' thing to guarantee that someone makes it into Princeton, but if they already have the grades and scores I'd say that they should really focus on writing and discussing things their passionate about.

In my interview with a former alumni I remember talking with him about baseball cards for pretty much an hour because we were both passionate about baseball cards. I think that if you write about what you're passionate about you really can't go wrong with the essay, and if in the end it doesn't work out, maybe it's just not meant to be.

If you pour your heart out and admissions doesn't think you're good fit, maybe you would be a better fit elsewhere. But, if you talk and write about the things you're passionate about, I think you'll have the best chance of standing out and capturing admissions attention and possibly getting in."

Princeton Undergraduate, Class of 2023

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