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More Success Stories

I want to thank Andrew for all the help he gave me for my AP Chem exam. He's been a huge help and I think that I did pretty well on it. Thanks for everything!

- Laura, an 11th Grade Student

I was sure I made the right choice when I heard about Tutor Connect from a teacher in my son's school. I can without a doubt say that if it weren't for all of your help Jackson wouldn't be going to Dartmouth next fall. Thank you to Anna, Micheal, Robert, and Ben for all their help in this journey we're extremely grateful!

- Maria, Mother of a 12th Grade Student

Teddy was great, he was very helpful in preparing John for his Ap United States History exam. Highly recommended.

- Steven, Father of an 11th Grade Student

Daniel was very helpful for Anjali and Rohan. We're still awaiting their Ap Physics and Calculus scores, but they said that they felt that it wet well.

- Shriya, Mother of a 10th and 11th Grade Student

Josh has been a huge help to Angela for the SAT. She managed to get a 1580 this time around and we're very happy with the result.

- Susan, mother of an 11th Grade Student

Dear Lincoln,

We are truly grateful for your work with Alex. He has improved tremendously this summer and we're confident that he will perform much better in his math class next year.

- Ted, father of an 9th Grade Student

I just wanted to let you know that Lawrence did amazingly on his Ap exams. He received four 5's on his Calculus, Physics, and his Biology exams, and received two 4's on his Literature and History exams. He wanted to apply to UCLA next fall and we're hopeful about his chances

- Jackie, mother of an 11th Grade Student

Dear Jessica,

I hope this find you well. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help throughout the year. Phillip has had his English grades improve a lot throughout the course of this year and we're so thankful. He feels much more confident in his writing ability and we're hopeful that as he goes into high-school he will have a solid footing to grow from. Thanks again!

- Molly, Mother of an 8th Grade Student

Emily ended up deciding on Brown and we're so thankful for all the support! We want to offer Tina a huge thank you for all her support in helping her with her application essays and helping her through the entire process. Thanks for everything!

- Kathryn, mother of a 12th Grade Student

We're grateful for all the work Tommy has done with Brandon. He has been a great help to our family.

- Ryan, Father of a 5th Grade Student

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