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More Success Stories

We're so excited that Micheal is going to Stanford next year. Thanks to Jordan for him all help throughout the entire process.

- James, Father of a 12th Grade Student

Morgyn was an absolute blessing for us. She was always kind and respectful and did everything in her power to help Katie succeed. We're excited to see how Katie does at Princeton and hope that the lessons she has learned in high school help her succeed there as well.

- Clara, Mother of a 12th Grade Student

Juliette was very helpful in helping Anthony with the SAT. We're very glad to see his score improve to a 35. She's a great tutor and we're grateful for everything she's done for us.

- Justin, Father of an 11th Grade Student

Charles was very helpful for Sarah and Jenny. They ended up with A's for the year and feel good about the Ap exam. The scores come back in a couple months, but we're excited to see how they did. 

- Amy, Mother of two 11th Grade Students

Ben has been a fantastic spanish tutor. He's very knowledgable and has been a big help to Russell. Russell has improved in his spanish and has been able to bring it up to a B+. 

- John, Father of a 9th Grade Student

Tina has been an incredible tutor for Harshal. She's helped him work through all the troubles he had with factoring and has helped him have a more solid grasp on the concepts in his Algebra 2 class. We're glad that she had taken the time to truly help him learn and are grateful for the improvement.

- Anjali, mother of a 10th Grade Student

We're excited to announce that Danny made it into Johns Hopkins and has decided to pursue medicine. We're so grateful for all fo the help these four years and are so excited to see what the future brings. Thanks to Ryan, Sophia, Andrea, Charlie, and Eric for all their help. Thanks to the Tutor Connect team for everything they've done for us, we'll be forever grateful!

- Heather, mother of an 12th Grade Student

Sam has been a very good tutor for Kevin over the course of this year. We're glad to see Kevin's improvement and are thankful for all the support. Much thanks to all involved.

- Brian, Father of an 11th Grade Student

Abigail committed to Harvard and we're ecstatic to see her there. We're so thankful for all of Anna's support in helping Abigail with her math and science classes and working through her college essays with her. We're so thankful that we had Anna to guide us through the whole process and would highly recommend her. From our family to everyone on the team, thank you!

- Holly, mother of a 12th Grade Student

Hannah has been very helpful to Ryan. She's done a great job of helping him improve his math scores and we're happy with the results. He is much more confident in math and we're happy to see his grasp of the subject increasing with time. 

- Chris, Father of an 8th Grade Student

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